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    PAS amplifier 4002 PCA



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Professional Double-MONO Power Amplifier

Key Features

bullet2 x 1200W/4 Ohm
bullet2 x 1600W/2 Ohm
bulletBridge 3200W/4 Ohm
bulletFrequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz, +0/-0.1dB, 960W
bulletSignal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) -100dB
bulletDamping Factor (1kHz/8ohm) 1000
bulletProtections: DC, high temperature, turn on/off transient suppression, short-circuit, clip-limiter
bulletPower Supply 2x1200 VA Toroidal power transformers
bulletWeight 29 kg
bulletDimensions (incl. handles)  483 x 133 x 450 mm (B/H/T)
bulletHand-crafted in Germany


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